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FINANCIAL CHEST - is an independent news portal in the form of an online newspaper that presents the latest news, Finance, Insurance, Business, Investment, Industry and trending topics according to facts. We are here to add references for the public to information that is current, accurate, and clearer.

The news products issued by FINANCIAL CHEST have gone through a leveraging process and we carry out our duties according to the Journalistic Code of Ethics (KEJ) and as good journalists. In the midst of the fast-paced flow of information, information that is not clearly sourced and facts rarely appears.

We strive to be a reference source with accurate data that is in accordance with the facts. Accuracy of data and facts is very important for us as part of our goal to enlighten and educate the life of the nation and state. We want to contribute to the community so that they are not easily influenced or provoked by any news or information that has no clear source of data and facts.

FINANCIAL CHEST wants to invite the public to always refer to independent media that has data sources and facts according to what is happening.