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FINANCIAL CHEST - Ten years ago, investing still sounded familiar and only a few people really understood investment.

In contrast to the current era, where investment is already a phrase or word that is even echoed quite often everywhere and there are many influencers in the financial sector, both those who are images of a company or individuals who also discuss the importance of investment.

Everyone agrees that every investment is important, because investment, our value declines from the effects of inflation.

In addition to these reasons, the most important thing that must be emphasized is the right investment mindset, investment is not just a follow-up but must be with concrete awareness and goals so that the journey we take while investing can achieve the financial goals that we have set at the beginning.

No Reason Not to Invest

With the increasingly open information and many platforms that support and make it easier for us to start investing, there is no longer any reason to delay investing.

If we look at the development of investment trends, of course what is now much better than previous years, this is also inseparable from the rapid increase in technological developments, especially in the financial sector or what we usually call fintech (financial technology).

If in the past we had to go to the bank to buy investment products, now we can buy a variety of these products through smartphones.

If only priority customers could buy investment products, now almost anyone can become a retail investor and invest with very affordable capital.

The facilities mentioned above will certainly be very useful if we do not contribute to feel the myriad of benefits.

Maybe some people say that they are too late to invest, only and the current hype is for young people only. Of course, such thinking is a big mistake, because investment is not only aimed at young people who are still 20 years old.

It is true that the earlier we invest, the greater the return we will get because the best friend in investing is time.

However, it is also possible for those who have passed the age of 20 to start and enjoy the benefits of investing for financial goals in the future.

There is a saying that the best time to invest was 20 years ago and the second is now.

When we realize the importance of investing, no matter how old we are, it's never too late to start. What makes the difference with young people may be the choice of instrument to be taken, because it is certain that the time is different from the one that has started a long time ago and the one that is just starting now.

To further establish why we should invest and why it's never too late. Here are some reasons we can consider:

Maintain currency value

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, investment makes our money spin and is used to drive the wheels of the economy, at which time this money becomes engine lubricant.

Then of course there will be output resulting from the process of moving this machine. It is this output that we will receive in the form of value added or returns, so that the value of the money we have now will not be inferior to the increase in inflation.

help achieve financial goals

One of the strong reasons why it's never too late to invest is because each of us must have financial goals in the future, such as buying a house, going on a pilgrimage, children's education costs, expenses and so on.

By investing, we plant seeds to be harvested later when the harvest season arrives, of course, to achieve these financial goals, a lot of funds are needed. And to achieve this, we can do it by regularly investing in investment products that match our risk profile.

And with the power of compound interest, the hope that can be achieved will be closer, the key is to be patient and consistent.

Take care of our psyche

Either directly or indirectly, by investing means that we have consciously started planning for future goals, and we know that to achieve these future goals there are concrete actions that we take in the present.

With discipline like this, it indirectly provides psychological peace and minimizes anxiety about the future because we have prepared from now on. At least we have taken action and preventive measures.

So, if you look at the points above, it seems that it's really not too late to start investing for a better future.

Don't forget to keep learning and digging up information about investment science, which we can access from anywhere.

Or if you want to be more reliable, we can also consult with experts because now there are also many financial companies that are also targeting not only B2B (business to business), but also personal or individual clients.

Happy investing journey.